Quick Cleaning Tips To Help You Save Time!

Quick Cleaning Tips To Help You Save Time!

This weekly cleaning routine is all about keeping everything clean. Cleanliness is important, especially during the pandemic, and after.  You can look at some tips to help you create a clean home, without all the hassle. Dirt and grime build up quickly, especially with kids and pets. However, if you make a few changes, you can handle your time better.

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Distribute cleaning agents in the house

Instead of storing all of your cleaning utensils in one place, you should put cleaning agents in every room (bathroom, kitchen). This saves time. This way, you can grab the cleaner spontaneously and clean it quickly in between if you need to. Things such as Hand Wash in the kitchen are great so you can wash your hands as soon as you enter the building. If you want to keep the air fresh, opt for clean fresh air by opening the windows, not just air fresheners.

Take things upstairs

If you live in a house, make a habit of always taking something upstairs (assuming it belongs there) as soon as you walk up the stairs - don’t leave things lying around. Don’t leave things for later, because the dirt and mess will only accumulate quicker.

Set the table

Mail, keys or handbag: The dining table is often used by the whole family as a general storage area. You can counteract this if you always keep the table set. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to decorate everything up with candles and vases; however, if the table is “set” to an extent, you will want to pile junk on it much less.

Keep the pets clean! 

If you live under the same roof with a cat or dog, get used to brushing your four-legged friend regularly! The brush collects all loose hair that would otherwise be spread around the home. This will relieve any possible allergies and keep the place clean. Pets bring us plenty of joy, but can also bring a lot of mess, too!

5 minutes of power cleaning

Turn up your favorite music, set your timer for 5 minutes, and try to get as much done as you can during that time. Dusting, tidying up or vacuuming can be done in this quick cleaning burst. As soon as the timer has run out, you can leave everything where it is and go back to doing beautiful things. Just like with exercise, those five minutes a day make a huge difference. By the way, this "game" also works great with children. Get the kids involved with tidying the house and you can alleviate the pressure.

Use a hand vacuum cleaner

Laboriously pulling the large vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard, looking for a socket and dragging it behind you? That definitely puts you off cleaning those floors! A good tip: get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner that you hang on the wall in a central location. So you always have it to hand. These handheld vacuums are great for pet hairs, and little spills. It makes cleaning a lot more pleasurable.

raining cake lifestyle blogger

Hope you found these tips useful.


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