3 Tips For A Romantic Indoor Picnic

3 Tips For A Romantic Indoor Picnic

Looking for a date night idea without needing to go out? Or, do you just fancy doing something nice for dinner and switching things up? Either way, a romantic indoor picnic is a wonderful idea that can really set the mood and leave you both with smiles on your faces.

Of course, there's more to this than just sitting down on a blanket and eating food! If you want to do it well, you have to do it right. Here are some tips to help you create the most romantic of all indoor picnics:

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Set the scene

First things first, you need to set the scene! The key to a romantic indoor picnic is making everything look nice. Get a nice blanket or picnic mat to sit on, complete with some comfy cushions. Realistically, it helps if you can set things up by a wall, meaning you can prop up the cushions and rest against the wall for more comfort. Alongside this, you need to think about interior lighting. Close the curtains, dim the lights, and light a few candles. You want it to be bright enough to see, but not overly bright. Having candles or tealights dotted around the mat will really help to set the scene.

Grab a picnic hamper

Once the scene has been set, you need to think about how you'll display your picnic. You could carry everything to the blanket on plates, but where's the romance in that?! Instead, you should buy an empty hamper basket to fill with goodies. Here, you can stick bottles of wine, cutlery, food, and everything else that forms part of your picnic. It adds so much more romance and cuteness to proceedings, and you can keep the hamper for future occasions as well - it's perfect for filling with stuff to give to someone as a gift! You also get an element of surprise when you put all the food and drink in here. Prepare everything ahead of time and your partner won't know what to expect.

Choose suitable food

What food do you think is suitable for an indoor picnic? You're not going to whip up a roast dinner or some bolognese, are you? You need food that's easy to eat, yet still a bit romantic or special. Personally, I like the idea of creating loads of little entrees or small tapas dishes. Finger food works the best here, and it's even better when you can mix and match the different things. Prepare everything, add it to tubs to put in your hamper, then get it all out on the blanket. It will be super cute as you each pick and choose what you like, sharing all of the food. You can either be extra adorable and feed one another, awww!


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Indoor picnics are great when you want to have some fun while staying indoors. They're perfect for cold winter months or when the weather is abysmal. If you have a fireplace, few things are more romantic than a lovely picnic in front of it.


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