Stuck At Home? 5 Habits That Will Keep You Healthy

Stuck At Home? 5 Thing Habits That Will Keep You Healthy
10 Thousand Steps

During the pandemic, it’s recommended to stay at home, avoid public places, and reduce our contact with family and friends that may be exposed to COVID-19. Everyone has different problems and matters that require special attention. Many may require mental health care, others are concerned about their living conditions, while some might be in need of home removals. While following CDC guidelines is among most people’s priorities, you may be feeling the effects of staying at home and limiting your social activities. Whether you want to reduce your weight, gain strength, or get a deep of fresh air, taking ten-thousand steps is greatly beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Incorporate Vegetables & Fruits To Your Meals

Experts advise adults to consume five to ten servings a day of veggies. Yes, that’s correct. While it may seem extreme, every adult should aim to reach this goal. For fruits, dietary guidelines note nine servings of fruit per day will suffice. Mix in some vegetables and fruits in protein smoothies, find ways to add them to every meal, and before you know it you’ll move to a healthier you. For instance, instead of eating cereal for breakfast, give protein smoothies a try. In a blender, add spinach, kale, banana, chia seeds, plant-based milk of your choice, and cinnamon. Enjoy more breakfasts dense in nutrients that will meet your daily goals of fruits and vegetables. Eating more of these foods reduces your risk of bowel cancer, eye, and digestive problems, as well as having a positive effect on blood sugar.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Guilty of scrolling through social media or binge-watching your favorite tv shows at two in the morning?

Change that habit.

Adults should get at least eight hours of sleep, according to the CDC. Teens are recommended from eight to ten. If you have trouble sleeping, consider drinking a caffeine-free herbal tea or reading a book for ten minutes. Ensure your environment is quiet, play calming and soothing music, change your pillow position, and control breathing. Remember, be patient. Millions of Americans have insomnia, but the strategies above are small steps to take instead of spending your nights watching tv. A good night’s sleep works wonders for your health. You’ll suffer fewer illnesses, lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, simultaneously improving your concentration, attitude, and mood.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Give your liver a break.

Sure, a nice glass of wine on New Year’s Eve, other special holidays, and birthday events never hurt anybody. But if you’ve been drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, your health is in jeopardy. Life with minimal alcohol consumption keeps your mind clear, heals your lover, and maintains your heart strong. Don’t put yourself at risk. Alcoholism is a dangerous disease. The National Cancer Institute notes an excessive intake of alcohol “increases the risk of alcohol-related cancers.” Inform yourself of the hazards and contact a center for more information.

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