Plans Before The End Of 2021

plans before the end of 2021

And what a year its been! Honestly, I have no idea how this year has flown by so quickly, I can't quite believe we only have two and a half months left before we bid farewell to 2021. No doubt it's been a tough year for everyone and there were so many things I wanted to achieve this year, but was held back for obvious reasons, however, I am still determind to work hard going forwards and I really do hope 2022 will be much better. Having said all that, there are still things I want to start or complete by the end of this year and I have wittled my list down to three.

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Search for a new car

My car is still very much usable within the new ULEZ regulations, however, I feel it's time to purchase a new one. I'm looking for something a bit more sleeker, more compact and overall something newer. I know I definitely want a second hand car as oppose to a brand new one, a, for affordabilty reasons and b, I am impatient and want something as soon as possible. With purchasing brand new, there are waiting times and transportation costs etc. So avoiding these would not only keep me sane, but will also contribute positively to our environment. So far I've been looking around at dealers in my area and a little further out to see what's about. I have heard great things about KAP Motors, they are the most credible used car dealer in Brighton offering great financial plans, so if you're also on the hunt, check them out for a new to you car today.

Launch my next new business venture

I've had this plan in the pipeline since April, but back then I was juggling three jobs at once and didn't have much time to get started on it properly, but alas, I am almost at the stage of launch which is so, so exciting. I am just hoping that I can get it all up and ready by the end of this month for a November launch. Definitely watch this space for what's to come and follow @myheartlondon on Instagram if you want to know more!

Book my last Health & Safety Exam

Some of you may know or maybe all of you may not know, I am actually almost fully qualified in Occupational Health & Safety. It's currently not something I am going to pursue as a career, however, having come this far with it, I would feel that it's a waste if I don't complete it. So I am looking to book my exam by the end of year and have it as something to look forward to completing early 2022. You never know, I may need it in the future and it's always going to be something I can step straight in to.

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Is there any goals/targets you're looking to start/achieve by the end of this year?


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