Six Easy Checks You Can Do To Help Your Car Pass MOT

six checks you can do to help your car pass MOT

Is your annual MOT coming up? All vehicles older than three years old must be MOT tested to ensure that they are roadworthy and safe to be driven on the UK's roads. If your test is coming up and you are dreading that it might fail, you can take some steps to help your car pass its MOT. All of the following checks can be done at home, before the test, and might be enough to get your car through the test and back on the road.

Brakes On!

The original MOT test checked the lights, steering and brakes of the vehicles brought in for testing, and these are still vital aids. Should your engine cut out in traffic, you should be able to alert other drivers with your lights, steer safely to the side while still moving, and then bring yourself to a safe stop. Just these simple steps could avoid a multi-car pile-up and save untold lives. So make sure your brakes are sharply responsive in the event of your needing to make an emergency stop, and that they respond well to slow and stop you safely under normal conditions. Check both your service and your parking/ or hand-brakes.

Light It Up

As mentioned above, lights are important, from your brake lights and warning hazard lights to headlights (back and front), turning indicators, and even fog lights, if they are installed. If your car has lights installed, the inspector will expect to find them in good working order.


Your tyres and wheels are also subject to intense scrutiny as they are the only part of your car in touch with the road's surface. They should have a good depth of tread on them, be suitable for the driving conditions at the time, and they should be properly inflated. Don't forget your spare tyre, too. It should be present, ready for emergency use, and the same size as your regular tyres.

Good Visibility

This is not a doubling up of the point about having good lights, although your lights do help you to be more visible to other road-users. But you should also be able to see all around you with the help of your mirrors and clean clear windows and windscreens. Clear out any clutter that might be obscuring, even the smallest section of your windscreen, and improve your chances of avoiding a fault during the test. Your mirrors should be clean and set to a reasonable position that proves you use them when you drive.

Steer a Clear Path

The final of the three original points of the MOT test, your steering wheel should be in good condition, with only as much play as is legally allowed. This is less than five inches of play for regular vehicles and less than two inches for those with rack and pinion steering.

Keep it Clean

Give the car a wash before taking it in for its MOT. The number plate must be clearly legible, and the bodywork in good condition, so giving your car the once over will remind you to check these items off the list even as you ensure that the car is clean and a positive pleasure for the inspector to step into. Don't forget, inspectors are quite within their rights to refuse to MOT your car if they feel it to be in too dirty a condition for them to work safely or comfortably.

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